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Facial incorporating actives for instant gold-like luster (all skin types)
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An exclusive facial incorporating actives for instant gold-like luster. Gold Bhasm has a rejuvenating and stimulating effect on the skin due to its metallic action. GOLDSHEEN™ treatment also exfoliates the skin of spots, blemishes, dead cells, and at the same time smoothens out wrinkles. It also imparts a resilient tonicity to the skin.

After the basic CETOM treatment of PURAVITALS™ or HYDRAVITALS™ (according to the skin type), the GOLDSHEEN™ treatment will start with the following products:
  • GOLDSHEEN™ Pre-Treat Gel
  • GOLDSHEEN™ Shimmer Masque
  • GOLDSHEEN™ Radiance Gel
  • GOLDSHEEN™ Glow Enhancing Pill Mask & Concentrate