A week before your wedding

A week before your wedding

The last step before the big day is to prepare your skin for your wedding makeup. Before applying makeup, make sure that your skin is clean and healthy by using a moderate exfoliant to remove any dirt or dead skin cells that have accumulated on the top layer of your skin.

Maintain Strict Day and Night Skin Care Routines: While having a regimen in place is important, it shouldn't be limited to the mornings; adhering to a skincare routine at night is just as crucial. In the morning and evening, your skin has various needs.

While both routines may share similar elements, a few extra actions can drastically alter how your skin is cared for during the day versus the night. The most important thing is to always use sunscreen, regardless of the weather or your daily schedule. Your morning skincare routine should feature this as the star item.

CTM stands for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; do not skip them. No matter how busy or worn out you may be in the mornings and at night, do not neglect these three steps.

Cleaning your face is crucial because it helps remove all the dirt and grime that accumulates there during the day.

What else?

  • Each Day, consume 3 liters of water! One of the best things we can do for our skin is to drink more water. Given that water makes up more than 60% of the skin, the more hydrated one is, the more radiantly the skin will glow.
  • Sugars and other processed foods are bad for the condition of your skin. Maintaining a balanced diet can assist to keep your skin clear, glowing, and acne-free. Be active! Exercise improves circulation, which aids in the removal of any toxins that may be keeping your skin dry and dull. Get your heart rate up and watch as your skin begins to glow.
  • Attempt to get 8 hours of beauty rest. There's a reason why they call it "beauty sleep"! As your body heals and rebounds when you sleep, having enough hours is crucial for both your general wellbeing and the condition of your skin.
  • Your skin will have plenty of time with this practice to be calmed, nourished, and shining in readiness for the big day. For the perfect wedding day glow, get our natural and organic skincare online right away!
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