Looking for an instant tan removal solution this summer?

Looking for an instant tan removal solution this summer?

Summers are here, and the most difficult part of being a summer person is that along with fun activities and productivity, it comes with tanning issues as well. Tanning can be so frustrating, especially when an event is coming up and you just can't seem to get rid of it. Apart from using the best sunscreen to prevent tanning and take care of your skin, there are other methods, like skin exfoliation, and using moisturizers, but these can only protect the skin, and even if they work, they take time. If you are looking for an instant tan removal solution this summer, we happen to have exactly that for you! When it comes to your skin and instant solutions, always trust the professionals because they know what your skin needs and cater accordingly. 

-Superberry Lacto DeTAN Skin Brightening Facial 

This facial is an amalgamation of super berries full of antioxidants, including cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. 

-Cranberry helps reduce dryness and maintain a healthy glow.

-Blueberry is infused with vitamin C & E, which help remove dead skin cells and promote bright skin.

-Strawberry helps reverse UV damage; it has ellagic acid that protects the skin from UV.

-Raspberry helps with skin rejuvenation and promotes healthy skin. 

Supporting ingredients include:

-Niacinamide cleanser suitable for all skin types

-Lactic Acid (exfoliator) that helps remove dead skin cells

-Tocopherol Acetate (toner) that helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays

-Sodium Hyaluronate (finishing product) that easily penetrates the skin and hydrates it.

It should be the first choice if your concern is tanning and you want to see instant as well as long-lasting results. It gently exfoliates the skin and reveals the brighter-looking skin from within. After the first session, the detan effect and glow are evident. Now, aftercare is equally important, so choose the best sunscreen to prevent tanning preferably SPF 50 and more, Protect your skin and take care of it post-facial to maintain long-lasting results. 

-Superberry Lacto DeTAN Face and Body Masque

It is essential to take care of all the areas of the body that are exposed to harmful UV rays, this is where Superberry Lacto DeTAN Face and Body Masque comes into the picture. A facial designed by professionals, for instant de-tan and brightening of the skin. It is enriched with ellagic acid as well to keep the skin healthy while also not disrupting the skin barrier. But why this if you may ask?

-Tan removal: It removes the tan from the face and the body and gives an even toned skin without drying the skin. 

-Instant results: Provides healthy and glowing-looking skin right after one session. 

-Natural ingredients: It is enriched with superberry extracts and full of antioxidants, better than any harsh chemicals,

-Hydrating and nourishing: It is hydrating for the skin and doesn't disrupt the skin’s natural oil barriers, leaving it soft and supple. 

-Suitable for all skin types: It is ideal for all skin types since it's full of natural and non-irritating ingredients. People with sensitive skin don't have to think twice, they can go for it. 

Choosing the Right Sunscreen Post-Facial

Choose the best sunscreen for the face and body post-facial to maintain the facial results for a long time. Look for a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection from the sun, post-treatments the skin can get a little more sensitive, so it's important to protect your skin. Use SPF 30 or above to ensure maximum protection, and use a sunscreen that suits your skin type. It is also equally important to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours, and more frequently if you are outdoors. One can consider PHYTORx Sunblock Mist SPF 50 for reapplication, it is one of the best sunscreens to prevent tanning with a mist formula that feels lightweight on the skin, so just a few sprays and you are good to go!

In conclusion, finding an instant de-tanning solution for the face and body is not an issue anymore with Superberry Lacto DeTAN Facials. When it comes to the skin, it is ideal to trust skin professionals because they know better. Bleach or any other instant solution might not be the best option, go for a more natural and long-lasting approach that doesn't hamper the skin's health. Enjoy this summer worry-free, tan-free and with a glow on your face!

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