SPF at night - Do or Don’t?

SPF at night - Do or Don’t?

Having naturally glowing and healthy skin is a dream that most people have. But as common as this desire may be, the reality is entirely different. Having perfect skin sure takes a lot of effort but if you add a few steps to your regular skincare regimen, most of your hardships would surely be resolved. But before actually getting onto what to do, which almost everyone tells you, it is very important to understand what not to do. Don’t you agree?

There are ample confusions and misconceptions of usage and application of SPF. Specially because of the myths that revolve around the proper application of SPF it becomes a vital topic of discussion. Through this we will address a recurring doubt that most people have about sunscreen. We are going to discuss in depth about the pros and cons of applying SPF at night. We would also try to resolve your queries about whether this is a necessity or just a choice or if it is simply harmful for your skin to be layered with SPF throughout the night.

SPF at night can cause damage

Even though it is scientifically proven that using SPF on a regular basis greatly resolves the issue of premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. This idea has led a lot of people to believe that applying SPF at night is a good idea as the sunscreen can work wonders during the night while you allow yourself complete rest. However, layering up your skin with SPF at night is not the best way to go about. It's because SPF is a larger molecule and you don’t want it pressing into your skin while you sleep at night, creating larger pores.

As important as it is to wear a broad spectrum sunblock during the day to prevent sun from damaging your skin, it must most certainly be washed off before going off to bed. It is highly recommended to use a specific night cream that not only suits your skin type but also targets your needs. At night, when your skin is repairing itself, it's better to use a moisturizer formulated to improve your skin's function and replenish its hydration to fight the harsh weather of the following day, be it severe winters or summers.

SPF moisturizers are designed primarily to be used during the day to protect the skin against sun damage, on the other hand night creams are usually crafted to focus on repairing the skin and aiding the natural process of the body that occurs at night time. Therefore, using an SPF moisturizer at night is certainly not necessary. It could rather actually be causing more damage to your skin than you may realize.

SPF at night can clog pores

Every skin type has different needs. Certain skin types that are more prone to congestion or people who experience severely clogged pores on a regular basis should certainly avoid applying SPF at night. Sunscreen is usually designed in a thick consistency so that it can be layered over your skin smoothly to avoid the harmful effects of sun exposure. However, it is essential to understand that this exact property of your SPF makes it unfit to be worn at night.

Night time is the ideal time for your skin to detoxify itself. It is able to breathe naturally without any dust, dirt or sweat. During these hours, applying a thick SPF might actually disrupt the natural process of skin relaxation that usually occurs at night. Due to this very reason, it is often advised to follow a proper skin care routine at night, which is completely different in terms of the products that are used during the day. For night skincare regimen, it is preferred to use light products that help to replenish the moisture of your skin and soothes it after a day of battle with sun, dirt and dust from all over.

SPF might obstruct your skin repair process

As it has already been discussed, your skin is in repair mode at night. Having a distinct skin care regime for night is a wiser decision. This is because studies suggest that using the same kind of products throughout the

year is actually not beneficial for the skin. We understand that finding a brand or product that suits your skin type is tough. But you need to pay attention to the ingredients that actually help you to maintain the natural glow and health of your skin.

The very reason why skincare products are segregated as suitable for day and night time or summer and winter seasons is because of the ingredients that are used within depending on the needs of the skin as per the hours of the day or seasons in general. Hence, using a day recommended SPF at night, through the year is certainly not the way to go. Mindfully, select the brand or product keeping in mind the ingredients of the specific cosmetic item that cater to the needs of your skin. Allow your skin to rejuvenate at night while it is not being exposed to daytime environmental stressor that harms the skin.

To conclude, it is not dangerous per se to wear moisturizer with SPF at night. But, it is certainly not the ideal way to go about skin care regimen. Craft your routine keeping in mind the needs of your skin during the day and during the night respectively. This may allow you to look great and your skin to feel fresh from within with minimal effort. Try including the above mentioned suggestions into your skin care routine and let us know your experience. If you have any other vital suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts with us and help others to gain a naturally glowing skin.

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