6 Ways To Boost Your Skincare Routine

6 Ways To Boost Your Skincare Routine

Flawless skin is a dream, is it not?

With hectic routine and unpredictable weather, maintaining a healthy skin is nothing but a challenge. We all love the spotless glow and smooth texture but when it comes to really doing something about it, we find it difficult to craft a suitable regime for our daily routine. Maintaining a properly structured skincare routine benefits you in the long run. Sure, there are ample of temporary fixes for a glowing skin at an evening party, but what about the other days?

When you are faced with questions like ‘How to make things better?’ or ‘What to do next?’ or even ‘How to go about a better skincare routine?’, we understand your troubles. Through this article, we share a few ways that can enhance your skincare routine for a healthy and naturally glowing skin. After thorough research and analysis, we have tried to list a few steps that must be followed to boost your basic skincare. All you have to do now, is follow these simple steps crafted by experts that will help achieve the skincare goals that you have been aiming for. What is really the need to boost your good old skincare routine you ask?

Well, switching up your skincare regimen with changing weather is always beneficial to target the skin concerns that have been neglected for a while. This does not mean that you need to spend a major sum of your money to upgrade your routine, it only means that you have to focus on the nuances for improved benefits.

Always start with a clean slate:

A common mistake that people often make is wearing makeup without actually cleansing their face properly. Make up acts as an added layer of coating on your face. When that layer is applied over an improperly cleansed face, the pores are clogged with dirt and dust which in turn harms the texture of your skin and de-nourishes it. It is advisable to always cleanse your face before applying makeup or any other product that takes you through the day, so that you get rid of unnecessary dust particles or oil that might affect the final outcome of your makeup look.

Exfoliate regularly:

You may not know the damage that lack of exfoliation does to your skin. It is not just enough to clean your skin, but it is even more vital to maintain a frequent exfoliation routine. Gentle exfoliation is extremely essential and a must for you to incorporate into the skincare routine if you really want to upgrade it. Dead skin cells can be removed through gentle scrubbing eventually revealing your natural glow. It is recommended to steer clear of using any powerful scrub on your skin because it can cause inflammation. You should choose chemical exfoliation since it is safer and more effective at removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

Serum is the key:

Once you have properly cleansed and exfoliated your skin, it is important to layer it up with essential vitamins and nourishing elements that your skin needs. Applying serum soon after cleaning your skin helps it to restore the natural glow and health without having to use any harsh products. However, one should always pay keen attention to details when it comes to using serum. Lotus Professionals presents a wide range of serums to choose from, in respect to the type of skin that you have. Serums rich in vitamin E are helpful in replenishing the glow of your skin, while vitamin C and niacinamide containing serums are useful for acne prone and oily skin. You may also try the whitening and lightening serum if you wish to get rid of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Add hyaluronic acid to your routine:

For those of you who are sure about the benefits of hyaluronic acid, let us help you. Hyaluronic acid works wonders when it comes to hydrating your skin. Winters are always tough, especially in terms of keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. Hyaluronic acid molecules can hold 1,000 times their own weight in water, locking moisture into the skin. Lotus Professional brings to you PHYTORx Hyaluronic and Vitamin E serum, loaded with the goodness of both the elements that can help your revive the natural texture and hydrated goodness during the winter season.

Keep your diet in check:

Let us be honest, your diet is the best fix. Keeping your diet in check would not just cater to your skin related queries but also help in renourishing your hair. Wholesome meals and nutritious diet is the solution to plenty of issues. Avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and sweet potatoes are some of the best dietary supplements for a glowing and healthy skin. Foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin C are often recommended for glowing and hydrated skin. Vitamin A drawn from beta carotene rich foods helps to replenish the natural glow and texture of your skin. Ample of water is the best way to avoid dryness of skin throughout the year. Be it summer or winter, water is an essential need for our skin. Moreover, keeping yourself properly hydrated also slows down aging and wrinkles to some extent.

Watch your sleep cycle:

Proper sleep and proper diet are the ultimate key to all your skin related issues. Once you begin to follow a wholesome diet along with a disciplined sleep schedule, besides the basic skincare regimen, you will surely see the difference. Your skin, much like your body, needs complete rest. Uneven sleep cycles may result in dark circles, patchy skin, bloating among other issues. The ideal way to boost your skin care is not just limited to using a wide range of products, what matters the most is understanding and knowing what your skin actually needs. Once you begin to practice an all encompassed skincare routine, you will feel the change. Maintaining your overall skincare routine along with the basic hygiene and some essential elements into your regimen for boosting your skincare and witnessing lasting results.

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