Skincare Routine For Different Seasons

Skincare Routine For Different Seasons

Skincare is an important part of maintaining healthy and vibrant skin all year round. Varied seasons and weather conditions call for a distinct skincare regimen. While the summer skincare needs to revolve around well hydrating elements and protection against the scorching heat and UV rays, the winter skincare routine needs to focus more on deep moisturizing to fight the dry weather.

Every season brings along its own kind of skin worries for you. Be it excessive skin oil, or dryness and redness, acne or pimples, catering to every single issue is essential to maintain an ideal skin. Thus, through this article we are trying to highlight some basic elements of skincare, in respect to the different seasons and weather, that might help to craft a suitable skincare regimen for yourself depending on your skin type.

Winter Skincare:

Fighting the chills of winter is a tough task in itself. It becomes very difficult to maintain a healthy skincare regime and incorporate that in your everyday routine. The most annoying part about the cold winter weather is that it leaves your skin dry and dull no matter how many times you moisturize it. To cater to this issue, it is always advisable to choose your products carefully, depending on what suits your skin type and really nourishes your skin.

Lotus Professional offers a wide variety of lotions and moisturizers for a healthy and glowing skin. The chilly winds and severely low temperatures usually drain the moisture out of your skin which is why you feel the need to re-apply lotions many times throughout the day.

Some people also prefer to use creme based products for everyday use. You may switch to a moisturizing soap or body wash if you feel the need, or you could add in an extra layer of moisturizer or lotions that you find according to your skin type to lock in the moisture for a longer duration. It is often recommended to use milk based products that help in moisturizing your skin more deeply. You must add moisturizer to your skincare routine, specifically in the night, so that your skin is able to absorb the moisturizer in a better manner throughout the night.

It is also vital to give your skin vitamin E as it greatly benefits the skin. Moreover, using hydrating serums is also a great way to retain the skin moisture for a longer period of time. Adding hyaluronic acid and retinol rich products to your skincare routine is also advisable. Hydrating cleansers are essential for a good foundation as they help draw out impurities while replenishing vital moisture in the skin. Heavy moisturizers help keep the skin barrier strong against extreme conditions but should be skipped if too heavy or oily. Maintaining a balance is essential.

Most people often make the mistake of assuming that sunscreen can be avoided during winters. Do not fall for this misconception. Even when you think that you are not being exposed to extreme sunlight, or the sun is not even shining properly during the chilly winter days, applying a suitable sunscreen with SPF 30+ is a must. You must especially focus on nourishing your skin around the lip area. You all must experience that winter season causes your lips to be severely damaged, dry and scaly. Make sure that your lips are always layers up with a balm that suits your skin, throughout the winter season.

Summer Skincare:

During summer months many prefer lighter products such as gel cleansers or foams which effectively cleanse without over drying while being packed with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid that quench thirsty complexions. Hyaluronic acid is a beneficial addition to your skincare regime for a well hydrated skin during the winter season.

Vitamin C is a must to fight the unnecessary oil that the skin releases specially during the summer season due to extreme heat. Excess oil on the skin and sweat easily attracts dust and dirt that bring out issues like acne and breakouts.

Including toners in your skincare is also helpful. Constant perspiration, dust, and heat can easily make your skin look dull. Toners are a great way to freshen up your face when washing or cleansing your face is not an option. PHYTORx Clarifying and Soothing toner can be a perfect fix for your skin in no time.

With high sun exposure special attention must be paid to ensuring proper application of sunscreen. For people who have longer durations of sun exposure such as field jobs that require you to travel in the direct sunlight for hours, reapplication throughout the day is also a good idea. A minimum of SPF 30 must be chosen with a long lasting effect post the application.

If heat turns up and sweat sessions become frequent, exfoliants come into play. Gentle exfoliation is helpful to draw out dirt, dust particles and dead skin that are rooted deep down in the skin follicles, showering new radiance

Monsoon Skincare:

Even though cleansing your skin properly is essential for all the seasons, monsoons specially calm for a more strict cleansing routine. The humid weather and precipitation cause the skin to attract more dirt and dust. Cleansing your face a minimum of two times a day is recommended. You may also carry wet wipes with you in case you need to wipe your face during the day. Vitamin C and niacinamide acid rich products and serums can be a suitable addition to your skincare routine.

Gentle toners are often suggested to maintain the freshness of the skin and also helps in keeping the pores tight. Serums are also a nice addition to the essential skincare products for nourishing your skin deeply. It is essential to understand your skin type or consult a dermatologist about the same to be able to choose the suitable products for yourself according to your needs.

For oily skin, this is a difficult time. Frequent washes, freshening toner, hydrating products must be incorporated in the skincare regimen. It is essential to use light moisturizers or gel based products as per your choice.

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