Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Sunscreen

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Sunscreen - Lotus Professional

We all know that sunscreen prevents and protects our skin against UVA and UVB damage, but what we don't really realize is that we should wear it every day, even when we're indoors and also when we can't really see the sun, that means, all year round. You may be wondering why we need sunblock when we are inside our homes, well that's because when we incidentally step out without a sun cream, our skin is 10 times more sensitive than usual and that means more chances of damage.

Why? Because our skin temperature varies when we're indoors and a sudden exposure to the warm temperature can mess up with our skin's comfort level, causing deep damage and of course, the inevitable suntan. Before we get into understanding its immense skin benefits, let's take a look at some common but not so known terms that are interconnected with sunscreen.

What do we mean by SPF and PA?

To break down these terms, SPF means 'Sun Protection Factor' and PA means 'Protection Grade For UVA'. SPF measures only UVB protection (UVB rays can cause redness and burns) while PA measures the UVA protection (UVA causes deep skin damage - aging, fine lines, etc.) PA is often denoted with a '+' rating, which indicates its efficacy. A broad-spectrum sunscreen gives higher protection, something that ranges above SPF 30 and should have at least PA +++ would be the best sunscreen for everyday use.

Why Wear Sunscreen? - Benefits of Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen benefits our skin in several ways and when we say skin, we mean that you should apply it all over your body. For an easy application, consider buying a body lotion with SPF and in case you're confused about where to find one such product, try our Phyto-Rx Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion. It comes with SPF 15 and it's packed with ultra-nourishing, skin-soothing ingredients like Chamomile and Wheat Extracts.

To add, our Phyto-Rx range has a variety of broad-spectrum sunscreens with high SPF factor, including SPF 100 for ultimate skin protection. Besides protecting your skin, sunscreen helps to keep your skin healthy and even-toned, here are the top 5 reasons why you shouldn't skip your sunscreen.

    • Sunscreen Prevents Early Signs Of Ageing As we age, our skin starts getting thinner and even more sensitive. This happens because our skin starts losing its collagen and elasticity. UV radiations can further trigger this breakdown, causing fine lines and wrinkles. It also damages the pigment-producing cells which cause the overproduction of melanin, therefore leading to hyperpigmentation and sunspots. To prevent this and keep your skin younger-looking and youthful, don't skip your sunscreen, and make sure to apply a nice layer under your eyes as well.
    • Sunscreen reduces the risk of Hyperpigmentation Sun exposure is one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation, a condition where your skin forms dark spots due to the overproduction of melanin. To prevent your skin from developing these spots and blemishes, wear your sunscreen every day.
    • Sunscreen prevents inflammation UV radiations can damage the immune-protecting cells, causing free radical damage, leading to skin inflammation. Sunscreen creates a barrier shield on our skin, therefore, improving overall skin health.
    • Sunscreen helps prevent Skin Cancer UV radiation is the top risk factor for causing skin cancers. When you wear your sunscreen every day, you're lowering this risk and protecting your skin from any such deep damage.
    • Sunscreen prevents Sun Sensitivity Some of us with skin conditions like Rosacea and Lupus can be extremely sensitive to the Sun. In such a case, any form of harsh sun exposure can cause extreme skin irritation, leading to sunburn and severe skin damage. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day protects your skin from these extremely sensitive situations and improves your skin health as well.

When and How to Use Sunscreen?

      It's extremely important to understand the order of products in your everyday routine, including sunscreen. Since facial sunscreen has emollient and some form of oils, you must put this on as the last step of your skincare routine. For the rest of your products, go by the rule of using thinner products first. While picking your sunscreen, make sure to go for an alcohol-free option to avoid dryness and irritation. And, when we come to the "When" you should wear your sunscreen, the answer is every day and all year round. Also, don't forget to reapply it after every 4 to 6 hours.

How Much Sunscreen to Apply on Face?

    When it comes to the quantity of sunscreen that should be used on the face, everyone has got their own rules. But to go with the majority, the two-finger method is considered as the best rule to apply sunscreen. According to this method, you should draw two lines on your two fingers, and that's the right amount of product you need for your face and neck. In case you're using a spray, apply until an even sheen appears on the skin. Now when you know all the good stuff about your sunscreen, don't skip it because nothing is as critical for keeping skin younger-looking, protected, and resilient as daily use of sunscreen.
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