How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently?

How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently? - Lotus Professional

Our under-eye skin is extremely delicate and sensitive and any form of mental or physical stress like nutritional deficiency, disturbed sleeping schedule, hormonal changes, and even sun exposure, can affect it in several ways. The most common effects that we can visibly notice are swelling, redness, and under-eye dark circles.

While the other two can be an indication of some serious concern as well, Dark Circles rarely cause any problem besides making you look tired, older, or unhealthy. But sometimes, Dark Circles can be a sign that our body needs some extra care, read further to understand the real reason behind it.

What Are the Causes of Dark Circles Under The Eye?

Before we understand how to get rid of dark circles, let's first find out why we get them. Let's be honest, even if you've spent your entire life treating your skin as carefully as you can, we're all going to show signs of ageing- including under-eye bags and dark circles. Over time, our skin loses its natural collagen and starts appearing thinner. No matter what skin type you have or how well you take care of your skin, these signs will inevitably start to show through the skin.

Sun exposure can speed up the process of breaking down this collagen and that's why it's recommended to use sunscreen consistently. Although ageing can be one of the most common reasons, other contributing factors such as Fatigue, Eye Strain, Dehydration, etc. can cause your under-eye blood vessels to dilate and become more visible beneath your skin, making your eyes look dark and puffy. The good part is, we can surely slow things down by making some healthy changes in our routine, but the not-so-good part is, sometimes we have no control over these things. The best habits, however, can't change our genes!

Our Genetics also determine what kind of skin we will have or how it will look as we age. Those of us who have lighter skin tones tend to show dark circles more easily than others. Yet for others, eye bags and dark circles aren't caused by either ageing or genetics, sometimes it's due to allergic reactions too. This can cause your under-eye blood vessels to get inflamed and swell, making that skin look dark and heavy. So that explains why we get dark circles, now let's find out how to reduce dark circles.

How Are Dark Circles Treated?

Dark Circles can usually be treated depending on what causes them. Here's how you can lessen their appearance:

  • Lack of Sleep or Oversleeping: Sleep deprivation, as well as oversleeping, can cause your under-eye skin to grow pale and look puffy, and this causes blood vessels beneath the skin to become more apparent. Try to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, seven to eight hours of sleep is totally enough.
  • Ageing: This is the most common factor that causes dark circles and eye bags. As we age, the under-eye area starts losing collagen, and because the vessels can't take the strain of blood accumulation, they start to dilate. This condition can make the skin look tired, dull, and dark. To treat it, start using a hydrating night creme as well as eye cream in your daily routine and start wearing sunscreen under your eyes, every day.
  • Allergies: If you are experiencing any allergic symptoms around the eye area, like itchiness, redness, or sudden rashes, this could be a sign of some allergy. You might feel like rubbing your eyes but that would only make things worse and make your dark circles more prominent. Instead, put some ice on the affected area and get the right medical help for a permanent solution.
  • Iron Deficiency: Due to lack of Iron in our diet, our body can't maintain a healthy amount of red blood cells, the condition is often referred to as anemia. Because the blood cells are unable to carry enough oxygen to the tissues, the sensitive parts of your skin start looking dark and dull, including under eye skin. If that's the reason, you should start taking iron supplements and iron-rich foods.
  • Genetics: Genetics can play a major role in deciding the collagen levels and melanin production in our skin, and that directly affects the skin condition causing dark under eyes. Although we can't control much here, there are some safe and effective natural remedies for dark circles that may work to reduce their appearance.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Trying to treat something like dark circles can be tiring, but consistency is the key. Remember to be patient with what you try and follow it every day for 4-6 weeks to see the results you want.

  • Cucumbers: You can use them as a cold compress for dark circles or just squeeze out some juice and apply it directly with a cotton ball. Cucumbers have natural skin-lightening properties and can be very soothing too. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. Do it once a day, every day for 4-6 weeks to see visible changes.
  • Cold Tea Bags: Teas are rich in antioxidants and help your skin to revive and rejuvenate. Soak a tea bag in clean water and put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Place the tea bags on your eyes for ten minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat it every day and your under eyes would start looking brighter and healthier.
  • Raw Milk: Milk is rich in lactic acid, a natural skin-whitening agent, and Vitamin A, which is a great source of retinoids. Together these properties make it an excellent remedy to keep your skin bright and young.
  • Just soak a cotton ball in some raw milk and place it under your eyes or you can even freeze some milk into cubes and rub it on the dark area. Use this remedy for ten minutes every day, and you'll surely start seeing a difference.

Eye Creams to Remove Dark Circles

Using an eye cream won't banish your dark circles, but it will definitely lighten and prevent them, that is because these under-eye products have powerful anti-ageing ingredients that nourish and defend your sensitive skin against environmental aggressors, making it look brighter and firmer over time. Phyto-Rx Eye Contour Rejuvenating Crème targets five major under-eye concerns, including under-eye dark circles (non-genetic), crow's feet, under-eye puffiness, dehydration, and fine lines. It has hydrolyzed wheat protein that makes the under-eye skin firmer and brighter and nourishes the eye area to help minimize signs of stress and fatigue. It's a complete care and repair must-have for your eyes, have you tried it yet?

How to Prevent Dark Circles

The best way to treat under-eye circles is through a combination of natural products and healthy lifestyle changes. Now when we've discussed almost all of it, here are a few things you should keep a check on to make sure your efforts don't go waste.

  • Curb Salt Consumption and Drink More Water: This is because Dehydration is one of the main reasons for almost all your skincare concerns and if your body doesn't have enough water and too much salt, your skin can look fluffy and swollen and you will feel bloated too.
  • Curb your Alcohol Consumption: Nothing dehydrates you like alcohol, and that's why it's recommended to use alcohol-free skincare products too. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin, but first, curb your Alcohol Consumption.
  • Cut Down On Caffeine: While it may sound strange, drinking too much caffeine can also cause your skin to look dull and tired. Caffeine gives you an instant rush of energy but that doesn't last for long, and after some time it starts absorbing energy from your body, which has its own side effects, including puffy and dark under-eyes.

No skincare products or routine can make your dark circles disappear magically but creating a healthy routine for yourself will not only help you maintain a healthy body but younger-looking skin too. It's never too late, start making a change now and you'll surely be there soon.

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