Skin Care Mistakes You are Making

Skin Care Mistakes You are Making - Lotus Professional

The Beauty world is currently obsessed with skin care. No one really has bad skin ( thanks to surgeries and makeup). But, is your skin naturally healthy? It takes us a minute to follow the trend of any product that the word is talking about, without thinking if it will actually suit our skin type. So, take some time out and see if your skin is screaming for help! Chances are you are making one, or more, of these skin mistakes and have thrown it out of balance.

Top Skin Care Mistakes

Some of the top skin care mistakes you are making right now:

  • Not applying Moisturizer after cleansing– Your skin gets dehydrated very quickly after cleansing so it is important to moisturize it, either with a cream, serum or a light moisturizer. It is important to moisturize oily skin as well. Moisturizing your skin right after cleansing does not give it time to break out. Moreover, your skin is more receptive to absorb all good stuff after cleansing!
  • You are washing with bar soap– For the love of God, please stop using products not made for the face! By using bar soap you are doing more harm than good, as it immediately removes the covering from your skin of those natural skin oils!. This leads to build up of dead skin cells.
  • You sleep with your make up on– This probably the worst thing any girl can do to her face! As, skin regenerates itself at night, and sleeping with a cake face can disrupt this process. So, no matter how tired you are, always make sure to sleep with a clean face
  • Washing your face in a too-hot shower– we all love a steaming shower but if you wash your face in it you are washing away all protective natural oils from your skin. So make sure u wash your face before or after the shower with lukewarm water or cold water. Apply a thick cream before stepping in a hot shower so that you have a cover on your skin to protect it from hot water.
  • Not applying or re-applying sunscreen– Please do not step out of your house without that sun-shield, even in winters apply your sunscreen. UV rays from the sun can cause inevitable damage to your skin. Also, sunscreen does not take the guarantee for the entire day so re-apply your sunscreen after 2-3 hours.
  • Do not over- exfoliate your skin– Even if you feel your skin is not feeling as smooth as a baby bum, do not exfoliate more than twice a week.
  • You are using a product that doesn’t work for your skin type– As you see any new advertisement of any skin product you want to try that product, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Choose product wisely and specific to your skin type. Do not invest or splurge on any product that is in trend!
  • You give up too quickly– Every skin care product takes at least 5-6 weeks to show the result, some take even more time. So, don’t give up so easily.
  • You do not drink water– Splurge yourself in water every day, as our body constitutes the highest percentage of water, it is necessary to stay hydrated. Be it winters it is important to drink water. This will keep your skin glowing from within.

Avoid committing these Skin sins! Get healthy and flawless skin naturally and keep all the skin problems at bay!

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