Skincare Routine For Teenagers

Skincare Routine For Teenagers

Teenage is the time when everything seems to be changing. From the very little things like the likes and dislikes to the greater aspects like the physical appearance and body structure. Things become pretty confusing for teenagers who seem to have a lot on their plate. Everything seems new and it is overwhelming to grab a hold of everything that is happening around you. While some things cannot be controlled, we can surely help you with one.

Consider your skincare issues sorted, while you focus on other aspects of your teenage years. Through this article, we present to you a step by step guide for a healthy and nourished skin. We hope that this will benefit you and help you understand various nuances about the skincare regime for yourself.

Creating a healthy skincare routine for teenagers is important in order to keep their skin looking and feeling its best. It is the time when hormonal changes begin to show effect on the skin. Be it girls or boys, it is vital to pay attention to a proper skincare routine especially during this phase to avoid any skincare issues. Here are some tips on what to include:

1) Cleanse - Using fresh water to wash your face along with a mild and gentle cleanser suited for teens’ sensitive skin types twice a day is a great start. Keeping your skin clean is the primary foundation of any skincare routine. Avoid over-scrubbing or using overly harsh products as it can damage the delicate barrier of young skin.

Remember, every skin reacts differently to different products. Do not just blindly follow what is working for your peers, try it for yourself and then select what works best for you. Also, understand that good skincare does not mean excessively expensive products. Choose wisely what suits your skin type without herding after products that try to lure you with grand advertising only to drain you off of your money without offering actual benefits.

2) Moisturize - Utilizing moisturizers that contain hydrating ingredients such as ceramides, shea butter, vitamins C & E or hyaluronic acid will help to nourish teenage skin without clogging pores or leaving it too oily. Understand what your skin needs and moisturize accordingly.

For oily skin, water and gel based lotions and creams are ideal. On the other hand, for dry skin, it is often recommended to opt for milk based lotions or creamy moisturizers that help in fighting the dryness of the skin by keeping it nourished and moisturized for a longer period of time.

It's also important to use sun protection (SPF of 30+) even when indoors and not directly exposed to sunlight as UV rays still reach us through windows and doors at home. The scorching sun and excessive heat can easily damage the skin deeply and cause severe tanning which might be pretty difficult to get rid off. Hence, it is always advisable to be prepared beforehand. Applying a suitable sunscreen lotion will prevent your skin from being tanned and harmed by the UV rays of the sun.

3) Exfoliate - Dead cells accumulate more quickly on teen faces than adult ones because of the rigorous lifestyle that they lead. Adults seem to be very mindful about what suits their skin and what not, while teenagers remain carefree and careless which thereby increases the chances of skin related issues during the teen years. It is always a good idea to add exfoliating as a frequent step within the skincare routine. The main purpose of exfoliation is to draw out the dirt, dust particles, and dead skin cells that settle in and are so deeply rooted with the pores of the skin that it becomes difficult to remove them through normal washing and cleansing. Exfoliation is not essential everyday, specially for dry skin type but if practiced twice in a week, it would greatly help in maintaining a clean and healthy skin. Incorporating products that are rich in natural acids once a week into the child’s skincare regimen before cleansing at night time could also prove to be beneficial. Remember, exfoliation should be done gently though, never excessively scrubbed nor left longer than directed by manufacturers instructions.

4) Basic Hygiene - Teenagers are very careless when it comes to maintaining their basic hygiene. It is vital to make them understand that keeping yourself clean by bathing everyday, following a step by step skincare regimen, wearing clean clothes and eating healthy will benefit them throughout their life.

If a parent finds it difficult to connect with their child, which is often the case with teenage kinds, getting the essential details conveyed through a person the child really looks up to might work in favour of the teen.

It is important for the teenage kids to understand that changing the clothing, wearing washed clothes, using fresh bedsheets and pillow cases is not just a good idea for healthy skin, these habits will go a long way in life and benefit you in the long run.

5) Treat - If necessary, add another step into your teenager's routine with tailored treatments like retinoids or benzoyl peroxide depending on specific concerns they may have such as acne breakouts etc. But always make sure these are used sparingly otherwise it can further irritate emerging teen complexions whilst creating rebound problems down the line instead!

Never assume things. A dermatologist knows better. Do not shy away from consulting the expert before experimenting with your skin. It is a wiser decision to understand what can harm your skin and why. Even though some things might just work for others with similar skin type, confirming and double checking everything is really important. Skin issues are a cause for great concern especially among teenages, because at this age, their confidence is closely associated with their appearance. Hence, taking every decision wisely is extremely essential.

6) Healthy Eating Habits - Junk food is the favourite meal for every child. Especially in teen years, hanging out with friends leads to consumption of ample junk food. Healthy eating habits are important for healthy skin. Since the body changes occur rapidly, it is vital to watch the diet during these years as junk food can cause a lot of harm to kids in general. A wholesome diet, rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables along with essential nutrients and vitamins will benefit the child in many ways.

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