How Much Sunscreen is Enough For the Face?

How Much Sunscreen is Enough For the Face?

At this point, we all are aware of the importance of sunscreen in our skincare routine. Right? It is the foundation for treating all your skin concerns as well. Sun damage can be the reason why your skin is not showing results which is why having SPF in your skincare routine is of top-tier importance.

The criteria for buying sunscreen are to check the amount of protection and go for an SPF 30 or more if you go out often. Make sure the formula is for your skin type meaning if you have oily skin then go for gel-based sunscreen and if you have dry skin then a cream base one will work. Now the question we are trying to solve is how much sunscreen is enough for the face?

This is important because to provide the skin with maximum protection from the sun, an adequate amount of sunscreen as well as reapplying it can make a huge difference.

Dermatologists recommend approximately 1/4th teaspoon is enough for the whole face and front of the neck. Ideally between ½ - ¼ teaspoon is an adequate amount. You can not always have a teaspoon with you so what you can do is, measure the size with a teaspoon once and put it in your palm. Once you visually measure it on your palm, you will get the idea of it.

You can also use the rule of lines on your fingers to get the quantity right. Approximately 2-3 strips of sunscreen are enough for the face, front of the neck, and ears.

Now that we know how much sunscreen is enough for the face, do not forget to miss this step, reapply after every 2-3 hours, and be sun protected at all times.

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